• Image of Personalized birthday poster - 1 year /digital file/
  • Image of Personalized birthday poster - 1 year /digital file/
  • Image of Personalized birthday poster - 1 year /digital file/

This is a digital file that you can print at home or professionally - no physical print will be shipped

You can choose size between A4 and A3.
Colours: only black, black + colour you wish on some details (just give me a reference code or mail me the image with a source colour you wish on your poster)

Send the following information to hello@titttei.com or note/message while you entering order and pay
• 1st line: How old your child will be (a number in the crown)
• 2nd line: first name, if you wish you can add middle name and/or surname as well
• 3rd line - what your child can do at this age
• 4th line - hight, weight, how many teeth your child has at this age
• 5th line - What he/she likes eating most of all
• 6th line - What he/she can say at this age
• 7th line - what he/she loves doing
• 8th line - what he/she likes playing with and what books he/she likes reading

Once this step has been completed I will send you a digital proof to your e-mail for review and approve prior to printing. Any changes/corrections are to be made at this time. By approving your proof, you agree that the spelling, design, and overall appearance of your item is to your satisfaction, so please CHECK CAREFULLY! I WILL NOT mail you the final item until you have approved your proof, so please be sure to check your mailbox frequently.

Once you have approved your digital proof, you will receive a high-quality digital file on your e-mail by the time you choose from dropdown menu. Then you should download the file and upload to any print lab store or you can save the file to your flash drive and print it out at any local print shop. Please use your computer or laptop to download the files. Do not use phones or similar devices.

All images are copyright © Olga Kovgar and may not be reproduced for any purpose without written consent from the designer, before and after purchase. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.