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Size: Ø- 14 cm
Info: Watercolour paper, one piece
70 cm white string for hanging
Comes with wooden beads in nature/white
Folded by hand
Unique personalized number inside
Variations in shape may occur
Weight: 28 g

origaME is an origami ball consisting of one piece of white paper and wooden beads. The balls are made from the whole piece of watercolour paper, which consists partially of cotton fiber. This gives a good texture and minimizes damage. The paper is acid-free that means it does not turn yellow over time.

origaME balls are designed, handmade and folded with utmost precision by Olga Kovgar. Each origaME ball has a unique personalized number inside. The design is purely decorative and it is beautiful to be hung in the window or placed on the table. Origami balls are the perfect accessory for your little ones space. It is an affordable, on trend item that can be moved around the house and styled so many ways.

Photoes: 2-4 Elise Grossman

*Please note that this is a decoration item only and not to be displayed in reach of children. Beads could be a choking hazard for your little one and are not suitable for use as toys.